After the last update to Project Firemind you can now create your own personal duel queues. Here is a quick guide on how to set up a custom queue and use your own clients to run the duels in it.

First you want to go to here to set up your queue. Here you can configure the duel params that are sent to the client. You could for example increase the AI strength to 8 for your queue.

After you created the queue you will want to fill it with duels. For this you first need some decks on Project Firemind. You can create them on the My Decks page. After creating them you’ll have to note the Deck List ID to use it when creating duels. The ID can be found in parentheses in the Deck List link on the Deck page. Note that it isn’t the same as the Deck ID. This Abzan Deck has for example the Deck List ID 7499.

With the IDs of your Deck Lists you can now use the Firemind API to create duels. It is a standard REST JSON API and the quickest way to get started is modifying the example curl request in the docs. Just insert the access token from your queue and your Deck List IDs to get a working command with which you can create new duels at will.

Now that you have populated the queue with duels you will want to start clients to process them. The fastest way to get a worker running is by using the Docker image for the firemind-client

sudo docker run -t -e ACCESSTOKEN=*yourtoken* -i firemind/firemind-client:v1

Alternatively you can compile Magarena from source and run the worker with this command:

echo firemindAccessToken=**yourtoken** > release/Magarena/general.cfg
cd release
java -noverify -cp Magarena.jar magic.FiremindQueueWorker

You can start as many workers with the same access token as you want to work off of the same queue. Each duel will be given to exactly one worker to process.